Monday, October 09, 2006

How Sweep It Is!

How great is it to have advanced to the NLCS on the same day the Junkees were eliminated? My buddy John was kind enough to have offered up his home as a place to watch the Mets NLDS clincher. We whooped it up and probably disturbed his kid's sleep, but hell, this is baseball. Gotta have priorities here, right?

Do I sound hypocritical to goad about the Yankees demise the post after chiding Mets fans for screaming "Yankees Suck!" at Shea? Listen, it's not that I don't despise the Yankees and wish them ill will and laugh at their misfortune. I just take issue with a very specific action at an unnecessary time. Hate The Yankees? Yes! Scream about them while your beloved team is on the field or dancing off the field? Save it.

While we're on the subject of the Yankees, I think the most foolish thing George could do would be to fire Torre and hire Pinella while keeping A-Rod. I know A Rod and Sweet Lou go way back but firing Torre would be an unpopular move in the clubhouse, and bringing in a guy to coddle an unpopular player would just be a mess. I hope they do it.

Back to the Mets: NLCS starts Wednesday against the Cardinals. If the Mets simply intentionally walk Pujols at any opportunity, the Mets should have a good chance at advancing to the World Series. We'll see. Here's the schedule:

Wednesday - Game 1 at Shea
Thursday 8 PM - Game 2 at Shea
Saturday 4 PM - Game 3 in St. Louis
Sunday 7:30 PM - Game 4 in St. Louis
Monday 8 PM - Game 5 in St. Louis
Wednesday 4 PM - Game 6 at Shea
Thursday 8 PM - Game 7 at Shea

The idea is to sweep at home. Lets Go Mets!

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