Monday, October 16, 2006

Mets Bats Come Alive, Save Season

Before I comment on the game, I have to say that heretofore I've been too kind to McCarver and Buck during this NLCS. My wife says she thinks I enjoy yelling at the announcers during the game more than I enjoy the game itself, but I don't think she realizes how horrible they are. McCarver can't say anyone's name right, and the two schmucks seem to know as much about baseball as I do about structural biology. And I am sorry, but Luis Gonzolez brings absolutely nothing to the broadcast booth. All this guy does is say how great everyone is. The guy throws around compliments like the Pepsi Party Patrol throws around T-shirts. Enough!

On to the game. I don't know why the Daily News headlines and those jokers in the booth were talking about how Oliver Perez came to the Mets rescue and should get a Game 7 start over Trachsel. The guy game up 5 runs in 5 innings. This is hardly Sandy Koufax here. John Maine gave up 4 runs in 4 innings and everyone talked about how mediocre he was. Last night's game was all about the offense. The two Carloses really saved the season last night. Right now, it's a battle between Carlos Delgado and Scott Spezio for the NLCS MVP. And I'll be damned if a guy whose facial hair makes him look like a rooster should win anything except Douchebag Of The Year. We should root for the Mets for that reason alone. It's an embarrassment and for some reason the Busch Stadium faithful think it's a riot and show up to the games with red hair glued to their chins. These are the same idiots who are dancing the Lindy in the aisles while their team is down 12-5. C'mon! I know there are good Cardinals fans out there but for some reason FOX keeps zooming in on the fruitcakes.

Now, a rainout tonight would be great. Tom Glavine would get to pitch on regular rest tomorrow against Chris Carpenter. There's no way we're going to see the Game 2 version of Carpenter show up and I'd much rather have Glavine face him than John Maine. Maine is a better matchup against Weaver, if only because, again, there's no way we're seeing the Game One version of Weaver show up again. It would seem like the Mets have the upper hand right now, with the series tied at 2-2 and with two games left to play at Shea, but with Jeff Suppan pitching a Game Seven against God-Knows-Who I think we all want to wrap this up with two straight victories.

And then we'd be glad to sweat having to face these Tigers. I want revenge against Kenny Rogers!

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