Friday, October 20, 2006

Top Ten Mets Excuses

In all fairness, after posting Dave Letterman's Top Ten Yankees Excuses, in the wake of the Yankees elimination, it's only fair for me to post the Top Ten Mets Excuses, as penned by my dad, a die-hard Yankees fan:

Top 10 Mets players excuses
10: Entered sandman
9: We needed one more spanish player to put us over the top
8; We didnt keep Kenny Rogers
7: We were tired cause we had to park by the Space Museum and walk to the stadium
6: Only team this year with injuries
5: Willie didn't want Joe to look bad
4: We were counting on one more rainout to rest our players
3: Damn LaGuardia planes unnerved us
2: Steve Trachsel doesnt have a pilots license
1: We didnt have our good luck charm, Mike V, the Transplanted Mets Fan at Shea.


Mets Guy in Michigan said...

"Steve Trachsel doesn't have a pilots license"

Sick! .... and brilliant!

Great job, Mike! Keep it going.


Tubby said...

Your Dad is pretty damn funny...much funnier than the Letterman list!