Saturday, May 13, 2006

All About Jeremi Gonzalez

With a two-game losing streak, the Mets will look to journeyman Jeremi Gonzalez to be a stopper tonight against Milkwaukee.

Gonzalez has a lifetime record of 26-33, and an ERA of 4.84. Originally drafted by the Cubs back in 1991, his most successful season came in his rookie season of 1997, when he went 11-9 for Chicago. In his last full season as a starter, in 2003 for Tampa Bay, he went 6-11, but posted a 3.91 ERA. After going 0-5 in 8 starts in 2004, he became a reliever, appearing in 28 games for Boston in 2005, starting 3 of those games, posting a 6-11 ERA. Excited yet?

In six starts for AAA Norfolk, Gonzalez has managed a 3.03 ERA, with 30 strikeouts in just under 36 innings pitched.

As a pitcher, Gonzalez mixes it up with a few different breaking balls, two different fast balls, and a changeup. Paul LoDuca will like his quick delivery, helping to cut down on the running game.

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