Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mets vs. Brewers Game 2 - Floyd Benched

Here's the Mets lineup for tonight's game against the Brew Crew:

SS Reyes
C LoDuca
CF Beltran
1B Delgado
3B Wright
RF Nady
2B Woodward
LF Valentin
P Gonzalez

Cliffy, my man. How bad are things going where Jose Friggin' Valentin and his .167 average play left field tonight? I know you are stuggling mightily, but this is an insult. Your .197 average is still thirty points higher than The Jose Valentin Experience!

By the way, tonight's starter for the Brewers (pitching in place of injured Ben Sheets) is Dana Eveland, making his first career start, and first appearance of the season. He pitched 27 games in relief for Milwaukee last season with a 5.97 ERA, and 18 walks and 23 strikeouts in 32 2/3 innings pitched. The other night Keith Hernandez said that if he was going to face a pitcher who allowed more than one base on balls for every 2 innings he pitched, he knew he could be very patient at the plate. You listenin, Jose?? Both of you!!!!

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