Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Star Mets - the Next Generation

I almost shuddered when I saw the back cover of today's Newsday (online of course). It reminded me too much of another image.

The corresponding article to today's Newsday back cover lists several players the Mets consider "untouchable," even if they could bring back a top starter like Dontrelle willis. The untouchables are supposedly David Wright,Jose Reyes, Aaron Heilman, and prospects Lastings Milledge, Mike Pelfrey, Phil Humber, Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez. One line in the article stuck out to me:

"No way," a Mets higher-up said when asked if they'd trade Milledge, Heilman or even Pelfrey for Willis.

Okay, I am calling b*llsh*t on this one. The Mets would't trade Heilman and Pelfrey for Willis? The D-Train??? Give me a break. Don't get me wrong, I am all for bringing guys up from the farm, but even in their wildest dreams Pelfrey would still be only almost as good as Dontrelle Willis. Sure, the Mets have egg on their face for the Kazmir trade, but only because of what they brought back. If you can bring back a legitimate star pitcher for pitching prospects and/or middle relievers, you do it without thinking about it for ten seconds.

I wouldn't trade Milledge for Willis, but only because Milledge has the potential to be a star for the Mets every day, while Willis can only go every five. There's no need to trade Milledge because it would only make sense if you could bring back a top offensive player, and the Mets don't have a spot for a guy like that anyway. Unless, maybe you could trade Milledge and Nady for say, Miguel Cabrera...

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