Sunday, May 07, 2006

Zambrano Done For Season

An MRI has revealed that Zambrano suffered a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow, and is done for the season. His best friend on the team, Pedro Martinez, was apparently one of a bunch of players who knew that Zambrano was suffering beforehand, and after the game Petey blamed the media for Zambrano pitching through the pain and ultimately having to miss the rest of the season.

Martinez said Zambrano's right elbow has been hurting since the start of the season, though Zambrano apparently told no one else and forced himself to pitch because he was worried about his reputation.

"It was because of the damn pressure you guys put on him," said Martinez, who spoke to the devastated Zambrano before he left for the MRI. "He was crying because his elbow blew up like that. You could see it from far away."

Martinez said some even warned Zambrano not to pitch yesterday. When he leaped off the mound, their worst fears had been realized.

It's amazing to me how much injury this club has already suffered this early in the season, and yet they still have managed to play to a record 11 games over .500, with the most victories in the majors, and a five game lead in the NL East.

If our ace pitcher and Mets idol Pedro lashes out in anger over this injury, us fans I guess are supposed to feel a little guilty. But I am willing to admit I don't. I am mad about it, but because it takes Mets management off the hook. Here is a guy who really shouldn't have been pitching all this time, not because of his injury, but because he has been our worst pitcher for the past two years. The Mets management has refused to admit that they made a bad tradem and continue to wheel him out every fifth day. Now the decision to replace him in the rotation has been made for them.

But know they'll have to find a pitcher. Too bad they traded away Kris Benson. There's a deal that still pisses me off too. They traded away a guy because his wife was a pain in the ass. Well, newsflash: everyone already knew Anna was a pain in the ass before the Mets traded for Benson. He didn't just meet this woman since coming to New York.

So this is how the rotation looks right now:


Today at 1PM is Lima Time, when the Mets will attempt to step on Atlanta's neck.

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