Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mets Loss A Spike Lee Joint - Lame

Spike Lee was in attendance tonight, sitting in Omar Minaya's booth. SNY's Chris Cotter spent a half inning asking a bunch of lame questions where we learned nothing except that Cotter is a terrible interviewer. Cotter should have been asking him why he was wearing Mets gear and acting like a Mets fan even though during the 2000 Subway Series he showed up wearing Yankees garb? Or why he designed a Yankees cap? Or to answer Kranepool's allegation that Lee at one time switched allegiances from the Mets to the Yankees because the Mets were "too white."? Lame

Spike was only the latest celbrity in attendance, with Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace at Shea last night. So the stars have shown up - too bad the Mets hitters didn't. The Mets fell to the Nationals, 6-2. Lame.

John Maine was decent tonight, but not extraordinary. The biggest damage came off a Soriano moon shot to left field. So much for the theory that Sori wouldn't have enough power for Shea Stadium. Meanwhile, the only two Mets runs came from solo homers from Paul LoDuca and Carlos Beltran. Apparently LoDuca heard about the Mets' old catcher and decided he needed to fill his homerun hitting shoes. Hey Duke, don't worry about the dingers. Just keep our pitching staff in line and your batting average over .270 and Mets fans will be happy. The rest of the offense was, lame.

I watched the first seven innings at my sister- and brother-in law's apartment in NY, and then headed back to the hotel to watch the rest of it. But the damn Sheraton doesn't carry SNY on their TV's! What a ripoff! MLB Gameday Audio saved the day for me though again, although I might have been better off skipping the end of this one. Lame.

I was glad I was able to see the part of the broadcast that I did, because David Wright make some sweet defensive plays during the game. On the negative, and I don't know why this bugged me so much, but Gary Cohen reported that John Maine is the first player in MLB history to have the same name as one of the fifty states. Except for players named Washington. Well, what the hell kind of "first" is that? Does Washington State carry some kind of stigma that makes it less of a state than the rest? Lame.

Okay, enough of that. I'll be taking the John Rocker Express to tomorrow night's game - Lets Go Mets!

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