Thursday, May 04, 2006

One Of These Nights I'm Going To Need To Take Back All The Nasty Things I've Said About Tom Glavine

Wow Wow Wow. Seriously someone needs to do an investigation into who kidnapped Tom Glavine from 2003 - June of 2005 and replaced him with the spineless, excuse-making, non-strike-throwing wimp during that time, and then all of a sudden let the old Tom Glavine who used to KILL the Mets made a miraculous return around the All-Star break last year? It is AMAZIN' watching this guy pitch. Ladies and Gentlemen how lucky are we as Mets fans to get an education in pitching on consecutive nights every week? Just awesome.

I watched tonight's game from the comfort of my Dad's house in Oceanside tonight. It's a good thing we didn't take too long to eat dinner or else we would have missed this game that was pretty much over after two hours. My one question for Willie is why he took Glav out so soon? As much as I love seeing Sanchez dominate, this seemed like a great chance for Glavine to get a complete game and re-set his career mark for strikeouts in a game. Even Jorge Julio got in on the action, finishing off the 6-0 win over the Pirates and getting a nice "wow"-type reaction from Ron Darling who seemed in awe of Julio's slider tonight.

I have no complaints about the game, except to regret that Jose Friggin Valentin got a hit and an RBI tonight, likely ensuring he'll keep his roster spot for a little while longer. Of course, the Mets did re-sign Jose Offerman...

So the Mets sweep the two game set with the Pirates, improve to 10 games over .500, and hold a 5 game lead over second place Philadelphia. They also hold a 7 game lead on the third-place Braves, who come into town this weekened for a three game series. The Mets will send Trachsel, Zambrano and Maine to the mound for the three games against Davies, Hudson, and Sosa. Yeah, I would say that a seven game lead on the Braves is a pretty good thing to have heading into this weekend...

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