Monday, May 01, 2006


I watched the first six innings of tonight's game on SNY. The Mets starting pitcher was a guy I hadn't seen before, but I don't know who it was because he stole Victor Zambrano's jersey and wore it during the game for some reason. Anyway, this imposter allowed just one run in six innings, with five hits, two walks and four strikeouts. Nationals pitcher Russ Ortiz matched his results, allowing just a Carlos Delgado solo homer over six innings as well.

After the sixth I had to shut off the TV so the TiVo could switch channels and record '24'. I'm actually three episodes behind. I'm sorry, but even though it's my favorite show, it hasn't been a must-watch ever since it was revealed that Pres. Logan is behind all this. I just don't buy the character development. Anyway, I turned on the laptop and listened to the last three innings on GamedayAudio.

So, from there on it was bullpen vs. bullpen, with Billy Wagner making a lights-out, two-strikeout ninth inning in a non-save situation.

The bottom of the ninth was really something. I'm looking forward to watching the highlights on the post-game show once 24 stops recording. Nationals reliever Gary Majewski started off the inning by striking out Kaz Matsui, who went 1 for 4 with a strikeout, and left four men on base tonight. Next, Julio Franco got on base with a walk. We needed Franco to run, however, so Randolph had Endy Chavez pich-run for him. Reyes singled behind him, and Chavez made it all the way to second.

Paul LoDuca followed up with an easy-double play ball that Majewski decided to to centerfielder Marlon Byrd instead of to second base, allowing Chavez to score from second base. Mets win, 2-1!

The Braves and Phillies also won, so the Mets remain six games up.

I'm off to New York tomorrow afternoon, and might check out one of the New York Mets bars to watch tomorrow night's game!

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