Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mets Mets Mets

Yesterday I asked our starting pitchers to go deeper into games, and yesterday Tom Glavine delivered, pitching into the 8th inning of the Mets 7-4 win over the Marlins. It wasn't as close as the score sounds. Glavine recorded his 8th win of the year, and even had a perfect game going there for awhile. Our bullpen was a bit shaky again last night; thankfully they were only needed for four outs. Howver, Billy Wagner did record a save, to preserve a win that Heilman tried to put in jeopardy. Wagner came into the game with one out in the ninth, two runners on, and the tying run on deck. He allowed one of those inherited runners to score.

The Phillies lost, to go five back, but the Braves won, so the Mets maintained their 3.5 game lead. Today teh Mets hand the ball to El Duque, to see what he can contribute. Some people say that Aaron Heilman is the big loser here from the recent trades, but I think it's Brian Bannister, who likely won't return to the rotation once he's healthy. But lets see what El Duque has first. If he does well, maybe Adidas will reprise those commercials where everyone in a club is dancing in a way that mimics El Duques delivery.

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