Friday, June 02, 2006

The Circus Comes To Town

You think the players were exhausted by all the hoopla surrounding the Subway Series? Well they must be downright ecstatic to have swarms of media dorks ask them all the exact same questions about Bonds over and over and over again.

I really don't know how many angles the collective media thinks can be written about this story. Bonds Is Coming To New York. Oooh. This booing will be worse than other stadiums because New York City is bigger? I hate to agree with Bobby Bonilla, the Fat Overpaid Cow that the mets are STILL PAYING, about anything, but he's quoted in today's Newsday with a true statement.

"It's probably no different than 10 years, or 15, pretty much his big-league career," Bobby Bonilla said Thursday in a telephone interview. "When was the last time they cheered him, except in Pittsburgh and in San Francisco?"

Bonilla is an admirer of Bonds, and it must partially be because of Bonds' ability to drown out the boos, something Bonilla failed miserably at. But Bonilla is right on this one. How is this a story?

I always enjoyed going to Mets games when guys liek Bonds or McGwire or Sosa came into town, because I loved cheering the Mets pitchers' efforts to strike these guys out. This steroids controversy clouds all the fun of that experience.

Metstradamus has an excellent post today with his opinions on Barry Bonds and steroids and asterisks. It's the must-read of the day. Aside from his right-on-the-money viewpoint on steroids, he seems to think the Mets can use the Bonds quandry to exploit the Giants into trading Jason Schmidt. On that, Metstradamus may be on some other "enhancing substance," but it doesn't take away from the stellar post.

Enjoy the circus!

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