Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baseball Like It Oughta Be

Curses to Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen. They totally jinxed last night's game into extra innings. During the seventh inning, they were all giddy about how quickly the game was moving along, and how they'd probably be out of there by 9:30. Well, thanks a lot guys. Thanks to you it was a three-hour, nineteen minute, extra-inning affair.

The Mets came out on top of another marathon teeth clincher, with Endy Chavez driving in Jose Valentin in the bottom of the 13th for the 1-0 walk-off win. Other heroes of the game were the pitchers, who threw 13 shutout innings - Pedro Martinez (8 innings, 8 K's); Billy Wagner (2 IP, 2K's), and Dirty Sanchez (3IP, 2K's). Lastings Milledge didn't get a hit last night, and he dropped a fly ball, but he did a great job auditioning for the Jets quarterback job with a perfect pass to David Wright in the sixth. Craig Counsell was out and the Mets got the first down.

The D-Backs are a damn good club, and they have a tenuous grip on forst place out in the NL West. Billy Wagner suggested (in his own version of the English language) after the game that the Mets and Diamondbacks may be playing each other in October. The Mets should try and trade for Todd Pratt in case that does happen.

Hey, how about Chris Cotter? I've goofed on him before, but he actually displayed journalistic tendencies by snagging a Pedro Martinez interview in the clubhouse mid-game. And he actually asked good questions too! Way to go, Chris. Gary and Keith were impressed and congratulated him on-air as well.

Okay, everyone needs a day off. The Barry Bonds circus comes to town tomorrow. I'd like to see Chris Cotter corner Bonds next.

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