Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Roger Clemens Re-signs With Astros

According to Newsday, Roger Clemens has agreed to terms with the Houston Astros, or specifically a one-year deal for about $3.5 million per month, or about $10.5 million for the season, depending on when exactly he returns to action.

Word is that Clemens was set to retire until he realized the Astros still have six games with San Diego left on their schedule, and he just couldn't stand to miss the opportunity to have another media blitz of questions about how he'll pitch to Mike Piazza.

Seriously, the Astros, who are now 7.5 games back really needed to sign Clemens if tehy want to get back in this race. Everyone knows what a fierce competitor Clemens is, which of course is a side effect of his psychopathic tendencies, and you have to like Houston's chances with Clemens on the roster.

As a Mets fan, I can't stand The Rocket. As a baseball fan, I have to admire him. He might go into the Hall Of Fame as the first unanimous inductee. If he ever retires, that is.

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