Sunday, June 04, 2006

All Losses Stink, But Some Don't Stink That Badly

I really thought the Mets would win this game. I thought I knew they would win. I have a feeling most of the Mets themselves felt like they were going to win, just like the huge Sunday afternoon crowd was sure a win was coming, especially when Lastings Friggin' Milledge hit a homerun to tie the game in the 10th inning off Armando Benitez.

Alas, it was not to be. Pedro Feliciano unfortunately could not hold off the Giants in the 12th inning, and a couple singles, a couple bunts and one error were enough to score a run and ultimately beat the Mets 7-6.

However, even though they lost, the Mets gave their fans quite a show. In addition to Milledge's blast in the 10th, the rookie also had a big hit in the 6th, when he hit a two-run double to break a 1-1 tie. David Wright hit two homeruns in the game, the second of which tied the game 4-4 in the 8th. Also gone to waste was a strong effort by Steve Trachsel, who went seven innings and allowed just a single run. He left the game with a 3-1 lead, but the bullpen, usually a strength of the team, was simply not effective today. Dirty Sanchez allowed three runs to score in the eighth, Heilman allowed two runs in the 10th, and Feliciano, after a perfect 11th, allowed the game winning hits in the 12th. As bright spots in the midst of the meltdown, Chad Bradford rescued Sanchez in the eighth, recording the final out in the inning, and Billy Wagner pitched a perfect ninth inning.

Mets fans can't get too down today, as we got a real glimpse of our future, as Milledge really shined. His first three major-league RBI's, all three of them huge, one day after scoring his first major league run, a game winner. He also made a sweet catch in the field, and pissed off the opposition by high-fiving fans after his game-tying homer. Gotta love the exuberance. Luckily for him the Mets don't play San Francisco again this season or else Lastings could count on his first hit-by-pitch as well. He sure looks like a superstar in the making. Maybe we can believe the hype after all?

Oh boy, Xavier Nady cannot be happy.


Len said...

Hey Mikey, how about this kid, huh? So, Whadaya think? Ya think the kid gets sent back down when Nady gets all better? Whew, that's a tough one!

Mike V said...

No way this kid sniffs AAA again. Nady has a new position - Center bench.