Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Different Kind Of Mets

No walk-offs, no drama, no rain delays... Mets win 4-1. Kind of ironic that the Mets didn't bring their flair for the dramatic to Hollywood, in front of all the stars and agents who, if they had watched previous Mets games, might have incited a bidding war for the screenplay rights to the '06 Mets. Instead, the Mets just showed off their ability to win easy. I guess the laid back California lifestyle got to them already. Alay Soler threw seven strong innings and gave the Mets hope that their rotation is at least stabilized.

This is the kind of jet lag I want. Think about it. The Mets played an altogether different kind of game yesterday. The weather was hot and sunny instead of rainy and dreary. The starter, not named Glavine or Martinez, pitched seven innings and won. The bullpen was only needed for six outs, and it took only two members of the 'pen to do it. The score after six, 4-1, was the same when the game ended. Just nine innings overall! Wow.

And, the Braves lost their fifth straight, falling seven games out, making us wonder what the deficit will be at the end of July when the Mets travel to Turner Field. The Phillies won and remain 4.5 games back. By the way, that 4.5 games stands as the widest lead in baseball right now. Feelin' pretty pretty pretty pretty good.

Transplanted Ex Mets Update:

Preston Wilson
broke up Carlos Zambrano's no-hit bid with one out in the eighth inning in Houston. The Cubs won the game 8-0, led by Zambrano's pitching, and his hitting as well. Zambrano knocked a three run homer in the second inning.

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