Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hilarious Bumper Sticker Of The Day:
A Bad Day Of Fishing Beats A Good Day At Work

I would rather do just about anything than fish, but the "classic" bumper sticker/T-shirt is the inspiration for my philosphy last night:

A Good Night Of Sleep Beats a Bad Loss To The Dodgers

Last night, while I worked on the new banner (what do you think?), I listened to the first few innings of last night's loss on Gameday Audio. It was just long enough to hear Pedro give up a two run homer to Nomar, Cliff Floyd get carried off the field, and learn that Reyes was out with a wrist injury. I was really tired at that point, and although the score was tied 2-2, for some reason I felt an "omen" telling me it was okay to miss this one in favor of some sleep.

Good choice!


Toasty Joe said...

Hey, I'm new to your blog (saw you on Mestradamus). Good stuff. Cruise on over to Toasty Joe's place when you get a free moment.

Len said...

Nice buddy! I really like that.