Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Metsui Era Is Over

I was able to listen to the last four innings of last night's Mets-Diamondbacks game on WFAN as we drove from Charlotte to Greensboro lat elast night, after the Tom Petty concert. I was really tired so Tom McCarthy and Ed Coleman, and did a nice job of keeping me awake and out of the ditches of I-85. I missed the first seven runs scored by the Mets, but I did hear the second homeruns for both Carlos's, and the Diamondback's rally's that tried to insist that this game would be a contest and not a rout. It was a nice effort, but the Mets prevailed...

I read on Metsblog yesterday about a rumored Matsui for Eli Marrero deal, but this morning I learned it was true. The Mets sent 4.5 million smackers to the Rockies along with Kaz to unload him, er, I mean... land Marrero. Boy that Marrero is some player for the Mets to spend 4.5 million and trade the seven-time Japanese All-Star to get him. Look for Marrero to be designated for assignment as soon as Nady comes off the DL.

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