Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rock Me Like A Hurricane

My mom lives in Florida but wants to move because she is freaked out by the threat of hurricanes. I live in North Carolina and am exhausted by all the talk about the Carolina Hurricanes that's going around. I used to love going to Rangers games at the Garden, but that experience completely transcends the sport of hockey. I personally couldn't care less about hockey on e way or the other, but what bothers me about all the Hurricanes hysteria is that it makes me wonder why there's no MLB team in my new home state of North Carolina. If this state can support a HOCKEY team of all things, surely a baseball team would get plenty of support.

There might be more minor league teams in this state than any other, for one thing, and a team that was placed in Charlotte would garner support of the whole South. Right now the Braves are the de facto team of the South, but really Atlanta has become a city of transplants and Georgians who want to leave the "Southern roots" behind. But putting a team between the Carolinas, just like the Panthers of the NFL could be a real success if marketed correctly. Just like people travel from all over to see the Cardinals, as the team of America's heartland, the Carolina MLB team could do the same for this region. The Marlins should move here and remain in the NL East so I could see 8 to 9 Mets games a year, just an hour and a half away. It would be really funny if they moved to land-locked Charlotte but left their name the Marlins, too.


Last night's win was great. I've been real hard on Tom Glavine since he joined the orange and blue, but I was real happy for him to get a win on a night he kind of pitched like crap. Take two of three from the Dodgers, knock around Transplanted Ex-Met Jae Seo, and get another breakout performance from Lastings Milledge - what more could a guy ask for? Besides for the game to start before 10 PM, of course.

So tonight we roll into Arizona. When the Mets faced the D-Backs at home they played a tough, gritty series that the Mets won. Now it's the Diamondbacks who get the home field advantage. There will be no walk-off wins for the Mets this series, but we'll count on the arms of El Duque, Trachsel and Alay Soler, and maybe some hGH.

The thing with this Jason Grimsley fiasco that has me confused, is that the little I know about this stuff is that its merits are dubious. I used to work for a vitamin company that peddled these spray bottles that you would spray into your mouth and supposedly get anti-age benefits. You would supposedly get the same benefits as injections. Well, these spray bottles didn't turn back the age of time, and I haven't seen anything that tells me the injectable stuff works either.

Really, the media is flipping out over this controversy and I'm not even sure what the hubub is about. If these knuckleheads are stupid enough to inject friggin growth hormones into themselves, I don't think this is really in the category of "cheating." This goes into the category of turning yourself into a human guinea pig with a plethora of possible side effects for benefits that are dubious at best. Maybe I'm naive or uneducated, but sports need to realize this isn't about records. Baseball needs to find away to test for this crap so to protect these dumb jocks from shortening their lifespans. Dummies.

I really don't know how I would feel if I found out a guy like David Wright was taking some injectible performance enhancement. I think the whole thing is so distracting from the game itself, which is really the greatest sport in the world to me. I can't stand Barry Bonds because he's a prick and because I feel like I was robbed of seeing what kind of career numbers he could have produced without the juice, but I don't spend much time thinking about it. I wish I could spend even less time on the matter.

Transplanted Ex-Mets Update - Izzy is Dizzy.

Ahh, Generation K, where have you gone? Jason Isringhausen has been benched by Tony LaRussa after blowing two out of his last three save opportunities. Izzy has 18 saves on the season, and four blown save opportunities.

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