Friday, September 15, 2006


It's the bottom of the sixth and the Mets are down 4-1. They need to clinch tonight, because my wife isn't going to stand for another weekend night in!!

They gotta get this Maholm punk out of the game to try and get at the Bucs' 'pen.

What is with the ad sales people at SNY? Why are there so many promos between segments? I thought the ratings were up this year. Can't they sell more advertising? How else are the Mets going to afford Zito this offseason???

But I'd take a million PSAs and promos over another commercial for that Everyone's Hero movie. I don't need to see a cartoon kid in a Yankees cap, for crying out loud!

By the way is Keith Hernandez drunk in the booth tonight? He sounds quite giddy.

Lets Go Mets!!

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