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Live In-Game Blogging: Mets Vs. Pirates September 16, 2006

Good news, bad news. The Phils have won two straight, allowing the Mets another opportunity to clinch on the field. The bad news is that the WiPhbeaters are playing really well right now, and if they make it into the playoffs could be really tough.

I'm trying to switch things up a bit. I'm watching teh game upstairs instead of downstairs, had Chinese Food for dinner instead of popcorn shrimp and hoagies made by a Junkees fan. I also switched from Pumpkin Ale to good old Amstel Light. Lets Go Mets!


7:13 PM

Mets draw first blood in the first! Reyes led off with a hit, but was thrown out trying to steal. Lo Duca flies out to center. Beltran reached base on a walk, and Delgado drove him in with a double over the head of Jason Bay! Wright flies out to Nady to end the inning.
1-0 Mets


ElDuque on the hill for the Mets tonight. Gary and Keith doing the SNY play-by-play. Keith speculates that the rejuvenated Pittsburgh would be a nice city for the Mets to celebrate in if they clinch tonight, with plenty of restaurants etc. at their disposal. I'd love to visit this park next season for a Mets road game. They are well on their way as ElDuque makes short work of the Pirates in the first, setting them down 1-2-3.


The Mets have a great shot at clinching tonight. You'd expect SNY to get some hefty rating for the game. Why then, between the first and second innings, were there no paid ads? We saw promos for Jets Open Mic, a PSA for Delgado's charity, a lame SNY TVhead promo, followed by another SNY promo. Not that I love watching commercials, but isn't it weird to have so much unfilled commercial time in a broadcast?


Of course, once the game resumes in the top of the second, Gary Cohen reads a long line of spots for sponsors like Geico and Subway. Floyd bounces out to first. Green hits a fly to left that Bay tries to nab but can't catches up to it but instead bangs his knee into a concrete wall in foul territory. He seems to be okay and Green's at-bat continues. A Bad News Bears series of events happens next. Green hits a fly to center that Duffy dives for but misses. Duffy throws towards second as Green tries to stretch the hit into a double. The ball gets past everyone and Green makes it all the way to third. Jose Porn Star Mustache Man Valentin swings at the first pitch and pops out to second. Green is stranded on third as ElDuque grounds out.


Jason Bay hits a dinger to right.


Nady strikes out. Doumit gets hit on the arm on a pitch that would have been ball four. Paulino flies out to Valentin. Blah blah blah Jim Tracy wanted to bang Paul LoDuca when he managed him in L.A... ElDuque strikes out Castillo
1-1 heading to the third.
Before the commercials start we hear Mex tell someone he wants barbecue. "barbecue it? okay."


It's all about the food tonight. We come back from break and Gary Cohen is bragging about a concession stand at PNC that sells fried balogna sandwiches with french fries and cole slaw on the sandwich. Primanti Brothers or something. Mex tells Cohen he should concentrate on the play by play. Keith is worried about whether the sandwich makers are properly washing their hands.

LoDuca gets a single, and then we see some roast beef sandwiches and burgers getting grilled. Keith is apparently on a health kick because he wants holes in the grill to let some of the grease flow away from the food. Can you even cook on a grill with holes in it?? Beltran bounces out to shortstop on a close play and LoDuca moves over to second.

Hernandez shares some inside info. He says Darryl Strawberry used to hate it when former Mets broadcaster Tim McCarver used to go on and on about Strawberry playing too deep. Keith mocks out McCarver with a whiny voice and says Daryl would mutter under his breath whenever McCarver was around. Delgado strikes out.

1-1 in the middle of the third.


ElDuque breaks Gorzelanny's bat on a bouncer to third. One out.

Gary Cohen brings up how Gregg Jeffries would always rush to the plate instead of allowing the batter before him to clear the field. Keith says it was always "The World According To Gregg" with that guy.

Duffy knocks a base hit to right and Hernandez complains about someone nearby smoking a cigar. Turns out it's the Pirates radio announcer.

Duffy steals second. Wilson lines out to the pitcher. 2 outs. Keith says it smells like a quality cigar.

Sanchez strikes out to end the inning as Keith complains about his love life.

1-1 headed to the fourth.


8:13 PM
More talk about Primanti's. I'm getting hungry again.

Jack Wilson boots a David Wright grounder to start the 4th. Hernandez says Pirates pitcher Gorzelanny looks like the guy who played The Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz. blah blah blah the confulence of three rivers in Pittsburgh... the commentary tonight is just stellar, folks... Cliff Floyd works the count full and fouls a ball of his foot. He's okay, but he flies out to Jason Bay for out #1.

Aflac! Who's Mets record did Reyes break by getting his 371st hit over two seasons? Gary Cohen thinks its Olerud.

Speaking of Olerud, Green is up to the plate. Green reminds me of Olerud for some reason. He doesn't hit like Olerud did for the Mets, but he carries himself in the same way. Wright steals second. Gorzelanny for some reason tries to cut off the throw by the catcher to second. Weird. Keith and Gary talk about the magic technology in broadcasting known as "the cough button." Green strikes out looking and Gorzelanny and Paulino think it's also out number three. It's not. Valentin draws the intentional walk with two outs. El Duque up to the plate, and he grounds out to third.
1-1 middle of the 4th.


Jason Bay leads off with a single to left. I need a beer. X-Man steps up to the plate 0 for his last 17. He flies out to Beltran. Nady will be invited to any post game celebration by the Mets. Do you think they'll invite Burnitz, too? Bay steals second. Doumit drives in the lead run with a single down the first base line.
2-1 Pirates.

Paulino strikes out looking for the second out and Castillo strikes out swinging for out#3.
2-1 Bucs, headed to the 5th

I LOVE the original TV head commercials. I can watch them again and again. The new ones are very lame.


Gary Cohen was right about John Olerud, and Keith wants Cohen to keep talking ahe can mention that Hernandez twice got over 350 hits for the Mets over two seasons. Youman relieves Gorzelanny for Pittsburgh. Reyes bounces out to 2nd.

blah blah blah Gary and Keith want to bang the staff at Elias Sports Bureau... LoDuca shoots a ground rule double over the left field wall...

...Beltran bounces out to short for the second out, it's up to Delgado. The Pirates are playing the shift. Keith thinks Delgado might punch one into left. Delgado finds a hole on the right side as he lines a single to right and LoDuca scores! Nady bobbled the ball a bit, but isn't charged with an error. 2-2 ballgame. Wright strikes out to end the inning.


Youman swings at ElDuque's first offering and it flies into the stands. He gets a new bat and gets a base hit up the middle. Keith says the bat lost in the stand was a C243. He used to use a C241 when he played. Duffy lines into a double play. Reyes did something to his throwing hand on the double play ball. He keeps looking at and shaking it. How do you injure hand on a throw? Valentin makes a great play on a grounder to end the inning.
The score is still 2-2, headed to the 6th


We get a dugout camera shot of someone applying mascara to Beltran's eye. Or something. Floyd flies out to Nady. Reyes looks fine standing on the top step. Green draws a base on balls. It's the Best of Barbados Homerun Inning. The girl in those Barbados commercials is smoking hot. If I visit Barbados, and "share her world," can I really get her to "be my girl"? Hernandez thinks Minaya should get a guy to platoon with Valentin against lefties. I'm not sure he realizes the deadline for the playoff roster past awhile ago... Valentin pops up to third for the second out.

Who is most responsible for the Mets success this season?
A - Willie Randolph
B - Ownership
C - Minaya
D - Peterson

Please. In Minaya We Trust, folks.

Keith and Gary debate the meaning of the word 'subversive.' Hernandez fouls a ball off his balls but is okay enough to continue the at bat and ground out to the pitcher.


Bottom of the sixth.
Keith says Reyes is El Duque's talisman. Gary calls Keith an aeriodyte or something. I looked it up. Erudite. Adjective: characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly.

Sanchez hits a single to center and Gary invokes the name of Turk Wendell. El Duque strikes out Jason Bay. Nady flies out to center and Beltran doubles up Sanchez with a one-hop strike to first. End of the sixth. Great play!


Top of the seventh
Reyes bounces back to the pitcher. Dammit we're out of Amstel. LoDuca grounds out to short. Beltran grounds out, too, for a 1-2-3 inning.


There's that Barbados girl


Bottom of the seventh
Gary says El Duque is "a smart dude" as he faces Doumit. Not smart enough, I guess as Doumit draws a walk.

Omar drew 56% of the votes in the "text message" poll of the game. How much spam will I get if I vote in that thing?

Davis pinch runs for Doumit and on the first pitch is promptly caught stealing on a pitch-out. It was a terrible slide, says Keith. "You'll break you're ankle!" Gary invokes the name of Jay Payton and his 1998 baserunning blunders in that year's Wild Card run. Paulino strikes out. That's 7K's for ElDuque and $175 for a Hyundai Hope and Heroes fund... grounder to Wright to end the seventh.


Chevy's new ad campaign brags that their cars get 30mpg. Big whoop. My hybrid gets 51 mpg on the highway. 100 years ago cars got 30 miles to the gallon. If you wanted to brag about fuel economy, GM, you shouldn't have killed the electric car. Sorry, wrong blog.


Marte pitching for Pittsburgh. Nady playing 1st base. Delgado flies out. Wright grounds out. The Mets better clinch tonight because I am blacked out from Channel 11! Floyd strikes out looking. Still 2-2.


Mota in pitching for the Mets in the bottom of the eighth. El Duque did a great job but leaves the game in a tie. Bautista pops it up to Reyes. Duffy gets a basehit with a liner past Reyes. Wilson grounds to Reyes, Duffy moves to second and into scoring position. Sanchez grouns out and its on to the ninth!


Ninth Inning

Shawn Green is up and so is the Pup-Peroni ad behind home plate. Green gets nailed in the forearm. Valentin grounds out and Green moves to second.

A pitching change for Pittsburgh

Capps comes into face pinch hitter Julio Franco.

Julio flies out for the second out, and they intentionally walk Jose Reyes. LoDuca hits a fly ball GO GO GO GO AH FUCK he flies out and we head to the bottom of the ninth.


Bottom of the ninth
Heilman in. Strikes out Bay and induces a ground out from Nady. Nady's now 0 for his last million.

Why do the Pirates uni's say BOB?

Randa draws a walk. Winning run on base with Paulino at the plate. Son of a bitch he drives a ball to the wall. Keep the champagne on ice.


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