Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mets Announce "Seven Packs"

Still no word yet when single-game tickets for the 2007 go on sale, but on Friday, January 12th, the Mets will offer for sale, "seven packs," groups of seven pre=selected games. There are seven sets to choose from, including the "Rival Pack," (with games against the NL East as well as the Yankees Giants and Cardinals), the "Champion Pack," (with games against all the 2006 division winners), and the "Jose Jose Jose Pack," with Friday night games including something called Merengue Night and Fiesta Latina*.

Last season the Mets offered a six-pack, but due to drawing 3.5 million fans in 2006, they must figure they can squeeze a few extra bucks out of these "packs." This is not unprecedented at all. In the mid-nineties they sold six packs, but by the time they went to the World Series in 200, they started selling eight-packs. Then after a couple lean years, they worked their way back down to a six pack in 2006. So, this does not bug me too much. What is annoying however, is that there is just one seven-pack that features the home opener (the "Opener Pack,") and it does not include a Yankees game. This is a new scheme by the marketing folks over at Shea. Last season, my buddies and I bought the "Pedro Pack" after getting shut out of Opening Day tickets, which got us Opening Day tickets and a Mets vs. Yankees game. We didn't mind shelling out money for six games even though we weren't sure how many we'd be able to go to (especially me, living in Greensboro, and all), but it was well worth it because it was a heck of a lot cheaper than paying a scalper for Opening Day or Mets vs. Yankees tix. In 2007 though, all the seven packs feature a Mets vs. Yankees game, except the Opener Pack. The other six games are all weekday games as well, minimizing the opportunities for me to attend any of the other games. At least a Saturday game I'd have the option of flying up for the weekend. Alas.

By the way, if you're like me and bought a six-pack last season, you'll have a three-day exclusive window to buy these sets, starting Tuesday morning, before the general public gets a shot at them. Good luck!

Still another thirty-eight some-odd days until Pitchers and LoDucas report. Like Greg at Fear and Faith in Flushing, I distrated myself from teh lack of baseball by watching a bit of football this weekend. I watched the Cowboys lose Saturday night, and since I know Mike Francesca is personal buddies with Parcells, a little schadenfreude made the night go by.

*Side note: The Mets are tempting fate with the Jose Reyes-themed pack. Last season they had the Pedro Pack, and I'm fairly certain he didn't pitch any of those nights, including Opening Day. This, after the Mets allow David Wright to be Santa Claus at the Christmas party? What, the Wilpons don't believe in curses? I hope we're not about to see them on the cover of Sports Illustrated anytime soon...

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