Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Is Your All-Time Least Favorite Mets Team?

The authors of Always Amazin', Hot Foot, and MetsBlog have undertaken ESPN's Bill Simmon's challenge to name our least favorite Mets of all time, at each position. Here's my list:

1B Todd Zeile
2B Jeff Kent
3B Bobby Bonilla
SS Kaz Matsui
RF Roger Cedeno
LF Vince Coleman
CF Juan Samuel
C Mackey Sasser

SP - Shawn Estes
SP - Steve Trachsel
SP - Bret Saberhagen
SP - Kenny Rogers

Setup Man - Mel Rojas
Closer: Armando Benitez

Man, the names on my list evoke some baaad memories.

What are your nominees? Maybe the Mets can build a promotion around this idea, like when they named the all time greatest Mets at each position a couple years back.

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