Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steve Keane: Mets Should Run A Fan Fest

Steve From The Eddie Kranepool Society has a great idea:

I know the Mets run that winter caravan in February but that is more a media event than a fan event. Why not have a Mets Fan Fest at the Javits Center the last weekend of January? Right before pitchers and catchers get ready for St. Lonesome? You get a few players and a bunch of old timers to sign autographs. Sell some Mets memorabilia and apparel. Set up a Q & A with players and announcers. Set up a wrestling ring so I can take on the whole front office of SNY in handicap match or better yet a lumberjack match where the no name talking heads of SNY and my fellow Mets bloggers would surround the ring and push the combatants back in the ring. Now that’s entertainment!

Seriously, why doesn’t Mets management put a Mets Fan Fest together it seems like a no brainer to me.

Great idea Steve. This would be another excuse for me to make an annual trip up to New York. If anyone out there happens to run into the Wilpons please pass the idea along.

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