Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The B-Mets vs. The Braves

The lineup trotted out on Opening Day that looked so impressive has been riddled by injuries, so that the starting 9 this afternoon looked like this:

Reyes SS
Woodward 2B
Delgado 1B
Wright 3B
Nady RF
Valentin LF
Castro C
Chavez CF
Glavine P

This lineup was like lunchmeat for Braves starter Tim Hudson. Over 8 innings he allowed just one walk and one hit with six strikeouts. Meanwhile, Glavine pitched great, but not as great, allowing a solo homer by Andruw Jones and an unearned run which scored on a David Wright error. After eight and a half innings, it was 2-0 Braves.

Finally in the ninth Reyes hit a double with one out, and was driven in with a single by Woodward to make it 2-1 Braves. Delgado flied out to left for the second out, and David Wright came up with a chance to redeem himself. He had three errors on the afternoon. Unfortunately it was not his days, as he grounded out for the last out of the game.

Mets lose, 2-1, and lose the series to the Braves 2-1 as they head out on a road trip. The Braves, with their dreadful bullpen, won teh series by getting two complete games from their starters on consecutive days.


Brian Jordan said...

B-Mets vs. the Braves? Did you happen to catch Atlanta's lineup?
Pete Orr, Matt Diaz, and Tony Pena would probably be honored that you think they're as good as the regular starting lineup but don't fool yourself.

Anonymous said...

The Mets got outplayed, just like they do every year. With the rotation the way it is they might make the plaoffs, but won't get far.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Delgado, David Wright, and Xavier Nady are "lunchmeat"? I guess you don't feel you can win unless you have 8 all-stars in the lineup. Maybe you should cross over to the dark side and become a Yankee fan.

Mike V said...

3 baserunners in eight innings seems like Hudson enjoyed throwing to this lineup. Valentin, Chavez and Glavine in the lineup means 3 automatic outs.