Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Fandom Only Goes So Far...

I'm sitting here typing and because I'm not that good a typer I am watching my fingers and can see my Mets watch on the wrist of my right hand. My cell phone rings with the 1962 "Meet The Mets" theme song. I forced myself to drink Rheingold beer during it's resurgence a few years back, even though I can now admit that the beer was dreadful. I have a decal of the Mets circular logo on the back window of my car about the size of a basketball. I even have a tatoo of the interlocking NY on my left shoulder. I am proud of my fandom.

Last night I saw on Mets.com that the club has introduced a new theme song, "Our Team, Our Time." Great! I have been craving a new theme song since the critically acclaimed Lets Go Mets Go in 1986.

I just listened to it. I am embarrassed. I will say no more. Listen for yourself, if you dare.

The lyrics for Our Team, Our Time, the New York Mets song:

New York Mets! Our Team, Our Time.

New York Mets! Our Team, Our Time.

Our Team, Our Time.

We Get the Hits (Hits!)
We Score The Runs (Runs!)
We Shut You Down (Down!)
We're Number One (One, One, One)

New York Mets! Our Team Our Time

New York Mets! Our Team Our Time

New York Mets! Our Team, Our Time

New York Mets! Our Team Our Time

Our Team Our Time!

Pedro Martinez Will Strike. You. Out. Billy Wagner, Coming Through. He's Throwing Heat Heat, No Doubt.

David Wright, Jose Reyes making sure you're not safe. Just in case - Carlos Delgado. He's At First Base.

Cliff Floyd, Carlos Beltran playing the outfield. Come To Shea Stadium. Our Team's The Real Deal.

New York Mets Our Team Our Time

New York Mets Our Team Our Time

Our Team Our Time.

On second thought, I DO still have "Who Let The Mets Out" on my iPod...


Dr. Blogstein said...

Good god! I guess the only thing that song is good for is at least we know who the Mets wont be trading this season.

Anonymous said...

Actually, after listening to that song, I'm almost hoping that they do trade one of those guys just so they'll have to stop playing it...

Anonymous said...

Rheingold isn't that bad. And it's pretty cheap.

I hope I never hear this song, it sounds terrible.

Little Toy Robot said...

"Carlos Delgado. He's At First Base."

Well, you can't argue with that, at least.

Mad Mr. Met said...

Where's the verse that talks about Kaz making an error?

bullfrog said...

Aside from being ungodly awful, this new song doesn't mean that "Meet the Mets" is kiboshed, does it? I was just telling my girlfriend the other day that that's one of my favorite things about Mets radio broadcasts.

Anonymous said...

Who let the Mets out was a good song!

I kid, I kid.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I never knew about the Mets theme song until a friend of mine (a Twins fan) told me about it and said that he hoped my Cardinals would beat the Mets so we wouldn't have to hear the song anymore.

When I listened to it for the first time, I got a chuckle, so I made this film: