Friday, April 21, 2006

Mets at Padres Game 2
Beltran Not In Tonight's Lineup

Here's the lineup that takes on San Diego's pitcher Woody Williams tonight at 10:05:

Reyes SS
LoDuca C
Delgado 1B
Wright 3B
Floyd LF
Nady RF
Matsui 2B
Chavez CF
Bannister P

Mike Piazza bats cleanup again for San Diego - after last night's 0 for 3 he's hitting .214 on the season. But apart from seeing Piazza, Mets fans should be most interested in seeing how Bannister, a "finesse pitcher" does in his first warm weather start of the season. He's 2-0 after 3 starts, but has been most impressive thus far for his ability to get out of tough jams. Perhaps tonight, with weather on his side, he can be more even, and even more impressive.

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