Friday, April 21, 2006

Still Sleepy

After three hotel rooms in three cities and six flights in four days, I'm finally back in North Carolina. I'm so tired! How in the world will I manage to stay awake for the duration of tonight's game? At some point this weekend I have to catch up on 24 and Lost too...

I came to the rash conclusion while waiting for my luggage at the carousel in Greensboro that if one is going to be a transplanted Mets fan, and if one can't live in a city where actual National League games are played, it would be best to live in the Mountain Time Zone. That way, east coast games would start at 5PM, and one could listen to radio broadcasts on XM Radio in the car during the commute home, and west coast games would start at 8PM and be over at a reasonable 11PM.

Also, LCS and World Series games would start at 6:20 and be over by 10PM. Anyone out there live in Denver who can tell me what it's like to live there?

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SFMets said...

I have always lived and died with the Mets. But after treking west (San Francisco) 11 years ago, it turns out I like the pacific time zone difference immensely. I love that night games from back East begin at 4PM. My normal summer routine: I catch most of the Mets' game after work. Then, if I feel like it, I'll see parts of the Giants, or A's, or the Dodgers or Angels, later in the evening. DirecTV on Pacific time is great for a baseball junkie. I recommend it. Sat/Sun day games I like even more. I can roll out of bed & catch the Mets' game (10AM starts normally) as I read the box scores in the morning paper. Once the Mets are done, I still have most of the rest of the day left ... Not to mention the WS, MNF, Super Bowl.