Friday, October 13, 2006

Living For This

Man, they really have to find a way to start these games earlier. Would it really kill FOX to have a 7:00 start time? Only two runs were scored last night yet the game still ran past 11 PM. During the ninth inning I had a combination of being really nervous and really excited while trying really hard to keep my eyes open. Odd, huh?

I love that the pitchers were aggressive towards Pujols, succeeding against him to the point where he was pretty ticked off after the game. I called the one Cardinals fan I know and tried to give him some hell this morning, but he didn't have much to say. He predicts Mets in 6. A Cardinals fan said this! Sheesh.

Glad to see Beltran have some postseason hometown heroics last night. He was not very excellent offensively at Shea this season, but he sure has a thing for beating up on the Cardinals, it seems. We'll see if it hold up over the course of the series, but it is pretty astounding how much success he's had against them.

McCarver and Buck weren't too annoying last night, though they certainly had their share of idiotic comments. While Cliff Floyd was up, they talked about how important Cliff has been to the Mets this season, and how he was a big part of their success this year. That he struggled in April, but really found his stroke in May. Well, he was better in May than April, but FOX's dynamic duo somehow did not realize how banged up Cliff has been all year long, getting just 17 at bats in June, and hitting just .236 since the All Star break. Cliff Floyd has been a big part of the Mets success in 2006? Emotionally, maybe, but these guys seemed completely oblivious to his struggles to stay healthy and produce all year long. i mean, take away July and Cliffy was downright awful this year. Wake up, Buck and McCarver!

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