Thursday, October 12, 2006

Skies Are Clear, Game 1 Set To Begin

The A's and Tigers already have two games in, but tonight the NLCS finally kicks off at 8:19 PM. The Mets face the Cardinals, and if you're wondering what our counterparts in St. Louie are thinking, check out the Cardinals blog CardNilly at

One last note about Cory Lidle:

I tuned in to yesterdays Mike and the Maddog program on my TiVo and went to the point when they found out about Corey Lidle. They were interviewing Darryl Strawberry at the time when someone handed them a piece of paper with the news. For the next 15 minutes they both looked stunned, as Russo carried on a ridiculous interview with Straw about Alex Rodriguez of all things, while mike tried to find out what was going on. It was pretty interesting, because Russo looked totally distracted and put the interview into autopilot, which of course means talk about A-Rod. Poor Darryl. I wonder if the Mets front office brass were fuming during the interview - they sent Darryl on the air to hype up Mets/Cards and Russo starts talking about A-Rod and Jeter. Maybe then they felt like heels when they heard the news about Lidle. What a day...

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