Friday, October 13, 2006

Pujols On Maine

McCarver and Buck interviewed Pujols from the dugout between innings and asked him about John Maine:

"He was very good. I thought we barely got our bats on the ball but we caught a few breaks. I say he was fantastic. We're just grateful to have had the opportunity to share the field with him. That's it. He did some amazing things, like he always does. Throw a changeup away, a slider in the dirt, a fastball, a slurve, a cutter, a screwball, a splitter, a spitter, a knuckleball, a laredo, an eefus. I just don't think we could've done a better job than we did against that very good pitcher John Maine. So he gave up a few hits and some walks. He can't make a mistake? He's perfect?”

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