Friday, October 13, 2006

My Good Friend Hates Mr. Met

My good friend Scott, who is a tremendous Mets fan, HATES Mr. Met. He thinks he's the cheesiest mascot ever. He doesn't care that Mr. Met is the FIRST professional mascot ever, he still thinks he's cheesy. My friend is a communist.

I remember when Mr. Met had disappeared. When I was a kid I distinctly remember a Met Mutt trolling the stands and taking photos with kiddies. Do we really want to bring this back?

I think part of our problem as Mets fans is that we want our Mets to be cooler than they are. When you think about it, we kind of have a long history of cheesiness. There is a new Mets theme song out by Lucas Prata that is pretty awful, but compared to "Our Team, Our Time" and "Who Let The Mets Out," it's practically Grammy-worthy. Whoulda ever thunk that we would miss The Curly Shuffle, after all? "Get Metzmerized," "Lets Go Mets Go," Mets Magic - an apple coming out of a hat for crying out loud, Comic Relief night, Boom boom boom let me hear you say Rey-O, giant neon baseball players on the side of the stadium which at one point was painted a distinct shade of PURPLE, "Takin' Care Of Business," even "Meet The Mets," which I consider the greatest song of all time, owes part of it's charm to it's cheesy old-timeyness... let's face it - this is Metsdom and we have to accept it, no, EMBRACE it!

Lets Go Mets Go!

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Comedyman said...

Sorry you don't like "And We Say...Let's Go Mets. At least you like it better than WHo Let The Mets Out. Both of which I wrote by the way. Oh well. You can't please everyone but at least there were many Met fans that loved both. Let's Go Mets!

David Brody
Z100 NY