Saturday, April 08, 2006

Day Game After A (Nice) Night Game

Last night the Yankees lost, and the Braves beat up on a Bonds-less Giants team.

Even though the Mets have been knocking the cover off the ball, Willie is going to tease with the lineup today a bit. LoDuca and Floyd will get the afternoon off, with Castro and Diaz seeing some action. Could today be the day where we finally see Beltran, New York's new favorite son, in the two-hole? Personally, I usually do not care about how lineups are constructed but my fellow bloggers have me convinced on this one. Beltran batting second just makes sense. Like it or not, most players do have different mindsets depending on where they bat. Beltran just seems to be more of a two-spot hitter. He's very into the fundamentals of baseball- moving runners over and all that. I guess we'll see.

I'm very excited about my trip to D.C. this week. Willie confirmed that Pedro will be on the hill Wednesday night to face the Nationals and Jose Guillen. I'll be there in person, and I'm expecting a fireworks-filled game!

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