Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So, How Are The Ex-Mets Doing?

Another day to be glad I'm away from New York Sports Radio. WFAN's Meathead and the Angry Puppy apparently spent all aftrenoon yesterday harping on the Mets and Billy Wagner for playing "Enter Sandman" when he entered the game. Mike feels it was so "lame" for the Mets and Wagner to "co-opt" something "that's a huge Yankee Stadium thing," something that is "part of New York Baseball." They felt that since Billy's on his third team he "has no recognition with that song." Never mind the fact that he's used that entrance song since playing with the Astros and when Billy signed with the Mets, the Phillies' website ran a story with the headline: "Exit Sandman"

I know Mike might be just trying to tweak Mets fans, but for him to spend any amount of time on this is completely ridiculous. This is supposed to be a sports talk show? Did they spend this much time on the subject when Paul "Mr Wonderful" Ordorf stole Hulk Hogan's entrance song in the WWF? I think the Mets should play the song even louder next time if it annoys Franny so much. I think he's the only one who cares.

That's enough on that subject. Let's take a look at how some players of note around the league performed in their respective openers. Of course we pretty much want anyone who used to be a Met fail miserably once they're no longer wearing the orange and blue, with a few notable exceptions: We're thrilled that Michael Piazza homered in his first at-bat as a Padre, helping his new team beat Bonds and The Giants. Said Mike,

"I really got great extension on the ball and I was like, `Man, if that doesn't go out, I might have to consider hanging it up,"

Congrats Mikey. Is retirement really still on your mind? Meanwhile, Mike's teammate Mike Cameron started the season on the DL.

Scott Kazmir got banged around by the Orioles, allowing six earned runs over four innings, but we'll have to wait to see how Zambrano does in his first start Sunday. This will be the year to compare these guys. Mets are going for it this year, and they made that trade for quality innings to come sooner instead of later. If Zambrano outperforms Kazmir this year and the Mets win, the infamous trade will be defendable. Speaking of the Orioles, Kris Benson might not be getting divorced, after all. Whatever. I'm just eager to see how Jorge Julio does in New York, and how Benson and Jae Seo pitch away from NY.

On the flip side, the pitcher-most-likely-to-be-a-future-Met-based-on-his-relatiuonship-with-Rick-Peterson, Barry Zito also got knocked around yesterday, giving up seven runs in two innings in an Opening Day loss to the Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees, Gary Sheffield is quitting chewing tobacco. This morning, someone on Fox Sports Radio's morning show was reminded of what happened to Pete Harnisch when he tried doing the same thing. Is Prozac on the banned substances list?

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