Friday, April 07, 2006

Who Is Ryan Zimmerman, Indeed!

Introducing the TransplantedMetsFan curse. Yesterday I all but annointed Ryan Zimmerman as rookie of the year and listed him among the all time great Mets killers, and last night he went 0 for 5, including four strikeouts. Stay tuned for my next posting, titled Who is Barry Bonds?

I understand why Beltran didn't want to come out and give a curtain call to the fickle fans in attendance last night, but he should have realized how many cameras there were at Shea and just waved. Nobody has ever won a battle with Mets fans, and he should just take it. I don't agree with most times a guy gets booed by his own fans, the exception being when a guy's performance transcends suckiness. When Al Leiter says he has trouble staying motivated, when Rey Ordonez calls Mets fans stupid, or when Bonilla is... well, Bonilla, then the booing is justified. As I mentioned previously, my biggest issue with Beltran has been what appears to be a lack of tenacity. Bunting at innapropriate times and whining about having no friends is worse than his lack of power numbers.

It was a fun game to watch last night. Besides all the offense, it was a little amusing to have four Nationals players get hit by pitches and even more get brushed back, but the first Met to get plunked causes the Nationals pitcher and Frank Robinson to get ejected. It's a nice change of pace for things to go in the Mets favor. Keith Hernandez said last night in the broadcast that he likes this team. This could be a fun season!

By the way, Kris Benson pitched well in his debut for the Orioles last night, allowing two runs on four hits over seven innings, but got the loss anyway as the O's were shut down by Mark Hendrickson, who threw a complete game shutout.

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