Wednesday, April 05, 2006

WFAN Online (soon!)

Being a transplanted Mets fan is about to get easier. Sad to say, but since I moved to North Carolina, one of the hardest things has been to be without WFAN. Not only did I listen to most Mets games on the radio, but I also counted on WFAN to bring me the latest sports news, first. Most of the hosts were very baseball-centric, even if more than a few of them were morons. ESPN radio has been streaming for a long time now, but Yankees shill Michael Kay is even more difficult to listen to than Mike and The Mad Dog.

I have heard rumors for a long time that WFAN would start streaming their broadcasts over the Internet, but until now I hadn't seen that published anywhere. Well Matt Cerrone over at
Metsblog says the time for Mike Francesca's daily idiotic comments to reach my computer is about to come, and WFAN will start streaming soon. Now the whole world will get to hear him and his little doggie complain about Billy Wagner "co-opting" Mariano Rivera's trademark entrance song.

I wish this was happening today, because I'd love to hear his reaction when a caller brings up today's Daily News article that states not only did Billy Wagner start using the song two years earlier than Mariano, but that Metallica's manager is a certified Mets fan and season ticket holder who told the Mets they could dangle the opportunity to get on stage with the band as part of their recruitment package to the then-free agent. Conversely, Mr. Rivera is a Christian music fan who doesn't even listen to the band and couldn't care less what song he comes into field with.

Mariano didn't get the chance to use his 'signature' tune last night anyway, as our old buddy Marco Scutaro drove in the winning run for the A's in the 9th inning last night, sending the Yankees to their first defeat of the season.

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