Saturday, April 08, 2006

Washed Out

The Mets and Marlins game was postponed due to rain today. I was confused there for a while. I knew there was a rain delay, but then from the other room I heard Gary and Keith going through the lineup. I was settling in to watch the game, when I saw Steve Trachsel warming up. Then I realized I was watching an "encore" presentation of last night's game because today's game was rained out. There will be a doubleheader on July 8th to make up today's game, and today's starters, Glavine and Willis, will likely start tomorrow. I hope this doesn't change the matchup for Wednesday's game!

If you need to get your Mets fix, you can check out David Wright's blog. In his first post, Wright commends Omar for acquiring, specifically, Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, Paul Lo Duca, Xavier Nady, Duaner Sanchez and Julio Franco. Conspicuously absent from that list is Jorge Julio. Hmmm....

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