Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SNY on DirecTV Today!

My home computer has been acting funny lately, as it seems the power fan is dying. It makes an annoying noise as it spins, so I keep the computer turned off as much as possible. The problem right now though, is that I need to keep the computer on so that my TiVo, which recieves updates from my wireless network, will be updated today when SNY joins the DirecTV lineup. I'm really looking forward to checking out Brian Bannister pitch tonight on the Mets TV network, complete with commentary by Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez, on Channel 625. Lets Go Mets!


Tubby said...

Why can't you just keep your modem and router on? Why does the computer have to be on to keep the network on?

Mike V said...

Because I think the TiVO desktop program has to be running to update TiVo. I could be wrong. Am I?