Monday, April 03, 2006

What A Game!

It was great to be back in New York this weekend. H&H Bagels, Pizza from Angelo's, and reading the New York sports sections in newspapers I can hold in my hand, instead of on a computer screen.

I caught my first glimpse of SNY this weekend, at my buddy's house, and saw Mets Weekly featuring the authors of Metsblog, Kranepool, MetsGeek and Faith and Fear in Flushing. It is so cool that the Mets have their own channel. And thankfully they announced today an agreement with DirecTV so I'll be able to watch Game 2!

But for today's game we sat in the Upper Deck, section 25. We had a nice view of the action. The crowd was very intese today, the most intense I can remember for a season opener. I was a bit embarrassed by some of my fellow "Mets fans," though, as the extra indulgence of overpriced beer brought out more than a few fights as well as randomly fired epithets and insults. My friend, who has a son approaching his first birthday, was questioning how soon he should bring his kid to a game. I mean, it wasn't everyone, but the loudmouths were in mid-season form. Big props to the dude in the concourse who refused to fight this punk who promised to knock him out before the inning was over.

But enough about the negatives. This team looks really stacked! I'll let other bloggers squabble about the lineup order, 1-7 looks really good however they are placed. Obviously Hernandez still has some learning to do and hopefully it doesn't take too long that Matsui has a shot of winning his job back. Heilman was iffy, saved by an excellent play by Reyes. And Wagner was great, even if he didn't bring the high heat as advertised.

I went straight from Shea to LaGuardia, and am already back in N.C. I can't wait for Wednesday, and the next time I see these Mets in person - April 12 in D.C. Lets Go Mets!

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Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Sounds like it was an awesome day -- right down to the bagels!

There is nothing better than a real New York bagel.