Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Mets New Stadium

Jeff Wilpon introduced plans for the future home of the Mets today, with details like wider seats with more legroom, sit-down restaurants, pitcher-friendly dimensions, and an Ebbetts Field inspired exterior. Naming rights are up for bid, but parts of the stadium have already been named, such as the Ebbets Club behind the plate, Coogan's Landing beyond the leftfield fence, the "East Side" stands in rightfield, and "The Orchard" picnic area in centerfield. All the digital images you could ever want are here.

The stadium will hold 12,000 fewer fans than Shea Stadium, so if you thought landing Opening Day tix this yeart was tough, 'fuggheddaboutit' in 2009. You can bet, though, that the ticket prices for the new place will be set so that Mr. Wilpon and co. aren't losing out on income on these dates, and especially not with a new 7,200 sq. ft souvenir store!

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