Friday, April 07, 2006

Schmuck and his Lap Dog

Went home for lunch and caught a bit of Mike and The Mad Dog on the YES network. They gave a lot of praise to Pedro and the Mets for their grittiness, and then piled an even bigger amount of praise for Eddie Coleman for his play-by-play work on the WFAN Mets broadcasts. They implied that Mets brass doesn't like Coleman, and that's why he doesn't get more work in as a Mets announcer. Then they both laughed like hyenas at SNY in general, saying that the station was a joke at this point, including the SportsNite announcers. I guess they feel YES Network is producing Emmy-worthy material or something. Never mind the fact that YES has been nearly universally criticized for a severe Yankees propaganda-leaning slant.

Give the kids at SNY a chance - they've been on air for about three seconds so far. Sheesh! It's nice to be on top, boys, huh? Hate to see what would happen if your ratings started to tumble a bit...

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