Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jackie Robinson Day at Shea - Mets vs. Brewers (In Game Notes)

The Mets and Major League Baseball honored Jackie Robinson before today's game. Jackie's widow was on hand, and the winner of a Jackie Robinson-named scholarship threw out the first pitch. She was a bit of a hottie, by the way. And the scholarship winner was cute too.

A "42" was etched into the infield dirt and each base was tagged with a plaque honoring the day. I'm assuming these will show up in some kind of auction. I'll let you know if I see anything about that.


Trachsel started today's game for the Mets, as they try for their eighth straight win. Looks like a gorgeous day in New York. Gary Cohen and Ron Darling are doing the announcing for SNY. Gary looks a lot better without the spectacles.

Trach allowed a leadoff single to Brady Clark, but Clark was caught stealing by Ramon Castro as JJ Hardy batted. Hardy struck out and Jenkins, the next batter, grounded out to Delgado. Not technically a 1-2-3 first inning for Trachsel, but he did face the minumum to start things off... He looks good.


LoDuca has the day off, so Castro starts behind the plate and Anderson Hernandez takes his spot in the order (the two-hole). After Jose Reyes struck out, Hernandez reached first on a bunt single. Carlos Beltran killed the early rally by grounding out into a double play to end the inning.


In the top of the second, with two outs and two strikes, Ricky Weeks was hit by a pitch. Prince Fielder moved him over with a single and Moeller drove him in ith another hit. Trachsel struck out Ohka to end the inning. Brewers lead 1-0. This might be the first time this season the Mets haven't scored the first run of a game.


Castro's making the most of his start today. He threw out a basestealer in the first, and drove in Carlos Delgado with a sacrifice fly to tie the ballgame 1-1 in the second.


Mets have to play catch up for the first time this season. Trachsel wasn't sharp today, giving up four runs in five innings. Heading to the bottom of the fifth it's 4-1 Brewers.


In the bottom of the sixth, Carlos Beltran led off with a double, moved to third on a groudout to first by Delgado, and scored on a sac fly by David Wright. 4-2 Brewers.


The Brewers got the run back in the seventh with a long homerun to left by Carlos Lee off Darren Oliver. 5-2 Brewers at Seventh Inning Stretch time.


Jorge Julio has yet another rough outing. He drills Moeller, who moves over to second on a groundout. Julio induces another groundout to clark, but can't stop J.J. Hardy who singles to left to drive in Moeller to make it 6-2. Julio started doing the Benitz shuffle on the mound, hanging his head and just looking lost, and proceeds to give up a two run bomb to Jenkins. 8-2 Brewers. Beltran stops the bleeding with a nice catch at the wall of a long shot by Carlos Lee.

Thank goodness the SNY promos are funny because it would be about time to turn off the television about now otherwise. Have to see it through...


Why don't we see more of Chad Bradford? This dude is tough. Although Koskie managed a double off him, Weeks and Fielder both struck out and Moeller hit a weak grounder back to teh mound to end the inning. Headed to teh last of the ninth it's still 8-2 Mets.


Game over. Tip your cap to Tomo Ohka. He shut down the Mets today and the final score is the same as the Mets record - 8-2. Rubber game is tomorrow against Ben Sheets. Lets Go Mets!


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