Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pedro Shuts Down Expos, Guillen in D.C.

I had a blast watching the Mets beat the Nationals yesterday, in person, in a close and exciting game. Beltran looked excellent in the field, and Pedro was a ton of fun to watch as well. The highlight of the game was seeing Pedro induce Batman Guillen into an inning ending double play in a big spot. Heilman looked good in relief, and Wagner showed off his highest velocity of the season thus far, reaching 99 on the radar gun to get his 2nd save of the year.

If you think Shea Stadium is in rough shape, you should head to RFK which makes Shea look like paradise. The bathrooms are especially noteworthy for how badly they are outdated. We saw one flooded very early on, and keep in mind this was just the second game played there this season!

We got to the park nice and early to see batting practice, and saw Delgado hit some particularly impressive shots out of RFK, which is a very tough place to hit a homer out of. There are no "cheapies" at RFK.

I have some photos to post later on (of Pedro, not the restrooms), and came away from the game even more impressed with this team than before. My wife and I plan on visiting D.C. at the end of September, conveniently during the time the Mets are in town for the final series of the season.

Today I'm back at work, listening to the Mets pummell the Expos again on MLB Radio.

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