Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Let's Get Ready To Rumble! Also, WFAN Finally Streaming.

Brian Bannister takes on Jose "Batman" Guillen and the Nationals this afternoon. I'll be listening on MLB GamedayAudio.

Speaking of Internet broadcasting, WFAN is supposed to start streaming the audio of their fine radio programming today. I checked their website, which seems to have been refreshed, but I don't see any links for streaming. Shmuck and his Lap Dog are going to do a special "internet-only" broadcast during today's Mets game, as the games won't be simulcast online. You have to fork over the $15.00 (good for the whole season) to MLB to get the internet broadcast of the game, but the rest of WFAN's broadcast is free.

UPDATE: Listen to the live stream of WFAN by going here. You will need to enter a name and e-mail address, but I don't right now see any evidence that the information has to be authentic. The stream sounds pretty good, at least for the last 90 seconds I've been listening. Al Leiter is on with Joe Benigno right now.

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