Monday, November 13, 2006

Are You Kidding Me? New Mets Stadium Will Have LESS Toilets?!?

With the groundbreaking on the new Mets stadium set for today, I spent some on looking at some information about Citifield, scheduled to open in 2009. Everything looks fine and dandy - if you're okay with the capacity going down from 58,000 to 45,000 (gee, I wonder how Wilpon will make up for the lost revenue on sellouts?), until you get down to the section on Toilet Fixtures.

Check this out:

Right now there are 568 toilet fixtures in Shea Stadium, 1 for every 101 people when the stadium is at full capacity. The new Mets stadium will have 646 toilet fixtures, 1 for every 70. Sounds like a good idea, right? Until you see how they plan on dividing up these fixtures. The amount of womens toilets is going up, from 217 to 305, while the number of Mens fixtures is going DOWN from 345 to 327! This is no problem if an equal number of men and women go to Mets games, because then the toilet per person for men would go from 1 per 83 fans to 1 per 68, and women's fixtures would be going from 1 per 132 to 1 per 73. The Mets seem to think that the ratio is 51% men, based on how the fixtures will be split up.

However, if anyone has ever been to Shea Stadium on a sellout, for instance a playoff game, around the 3rd inning you'll see this: two lines coming out of every mens rooms about a mile long, and no lines at all near the womens rooms. Hmm... could it be, that more men attend baseball games than women? Believe me, I would be more than happy if the ratio increased, but the truth of the matter is that more men go to games, and the proposed amount of mens toilet fixtures is just not enough!

Realistically, 75% of attendees at Mets games are men. I think this is a pretty conservative estimate, but if anyone dissents I won't argue too much. So, if the current Shea Stadium holds 57,333 fans, that means there are 43,000 men at Shea during sellouts. If there are 345 mens toilet fixtures (urinals?), then that means there is one per 125 fans. CitiField will hold 45,000 fans, or 33,750 men at the same ratio. 327 mens fixtures means there will be 1 per 103 fans, reducing the logjam by about 20%. Is this enough? Am I being sexist? I dunno. You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, it's absurd how long the lines were at playoff games.

Anonymous said...

One thing to factor in is women take longer in the bathroom.

Mike V said...

Yeah, that is a factor that should be considered. But in the unscientific survey I conducted, women have told me that the lines at womens rooms at Shea haven't been a problem. Nasty toilets however, have been the problem.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely rediculous... why doesn't Wilpon put a meter on the urinals at charge per ounce??? What is this obsession with getting more women to the games? Are more women going to come because we have more toilets for them?! I'm sure that's what's keeping them away- but on the plus side on $9 beer night at "CitiField" you can't afford to get your bladder to full.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike V
While I agree with your math
I guess you haven't been to any of the new stadiums. The restrooms both men and women are HUGE.
As many restrooms as shea has, they are all cramp and small thus the long lines outside. The METS study many of the new stadiums and I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem, and if it a problem,I am pretty sure that they will make adjustments.By the year 2009, there will be a lot more women/families baseball fans,thus the increase,and don't a familyroom is also a restroom for men.
As for the money/attendance problem, CITIFIELD will hold a lot more people than SHEA,like most new stadiums, the METS intent on selling STANDING ROOM only (+10,000)tickets,and just like they do with shea, they will add more seats for special events, and let not forget that in 2009 both tickets price and food price will be a lot more expensive.

Mike V said...

Ten THOUSAND standing room seats?! Holy mackerel. Well, that would make the bathroom situation even worse, wouldn't it?

Actually I have been to a few of the new parks... Philly, Baltimore, Chicago, and yes, I have noticed how spacious the bathrooms are. However, if there aren't more urinals per dude, there will continue to be long lines, whether they block the concourses or not.