Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good Morning Mets Fans

A happy recap of this mornings news items:

The Mets new stadium (Citi Field, not CitiField), won't be named after Jackie Robinson, but the new park will definitely be paying tribute to the player the Mets have adopted as their own, even though he never played for them. I guess they figure that when the Dodgers left Brooklyn, they also abandoned rights to the Jackie Robinson legacy? Anyway, there will be a statue at the front entrance, to be dubbed the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Now, cry if you will over the demolition of Shea Stadium, but is Wallace Matthews really crying over the demise of the Willets Point chop shops?

It will be announced at 8PM tonight that the Red Sox paid over $50 million dollars for the right to negotiate a contract with Daisuke Matsuzaka, outbidding the Mets offer of $38 million. Holy crap. So the heartbroken Mets will have to go to Plan B - Barry Zito. Miguel Batista, Jose Contreras, Javier Vazquez, Freddy Garcia, and Randy Wolf are also possibilities for the 2007 rotation, but I personally want no part of Jeff Suppan.

Transplanted ex-Met Kaz Matsui re-signed with the Rockies for $1.5 million for one year. The Mets will pay his replacement, Jose Valentin more than twice that amount, perhaps to back up Julio Lugo.

El Duque's coming back; Tom Glavine's still contemplating.

The Mets will open the 2007 baseball season with a Sunday night ESPN game vs. the Cardinals on April 1st. Shea Stadium's penultimate season begins with the home opener on April 9th vs. the Phillies.

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