Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Morning Hot Stove Report

Newsday says to expect fiscal restraint by the Mets and Yankees this offseason. As crazy as this may sound, I think that this is a really good strategy. Let all the other teams hand out bad contracts and tie up their payroll. Then, next offseason, the Mets will have an even greater advantage over all other teams, having more payroll flexibility, even before spending Citi's naming rights money..

The New York Post says 5 out of 8 GMs polled think that Zito will wind up with the Mets. Jeez, Joel Sherman is really stretching things to run with that lead, huh? I don't care what the GM's think. It will come down to money. Who else is bidding for this guy, anyway?

Speaking of free agent pitchers, in the Post Tom Glavine says it's 50-50 between the Mets and Braves. What the hell is with this guy? He says he might want to pitch in Atlanta so he can be close to his family. Even if he pitches for the Braves, he will still be away for 81 road games. And the Mets visit Atlanta nine games in 2007. So we're talking about a difference of 72 days here. And from what I understand, the wife and kids live up in Connecticut with Tom when school is out anyway. And isn't October what it's supposed to be all about?????

In the Times, Omar Minaya says he thinks there is going to be a lot of trades happening this offseason. Most of us read that to mean it will mean Milledge Time to head out of town. The Chicago Tribue says that rumors of a Mets-White Sox trade persist. Could Javier Vazquez be coming to Queens?

The Mets signed Damion Easley to a one-year contract worth $850k. Easley hit .233 last season, and can play every position except pitch or catch. Hey, I think we just replaced Joe McEwing!

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