Friday, November 17, 2006

Best of The Blogs

At the behest of Hot Foot, I'm taking the time out to post a list of what my favorite bloggers are thinking this week:

Ryan McConnell of Always Amazin thinks that a Shawn Green and Ben Johnson platoon would be the worst rightfield combination in all of baseball, and that the Easley signing doesn't give the Mets anything that Anderson Hernandez can't deliver.

Steve at The Eddie Kranepool Society says the time has come for Omar to bring Manny to the Mets. Meanwhile Steve, who also thinks Jeff Wilpon looks like Moe from The Three Stooges but "Summer Sanders is all that and a bag of chips," thinks that Jeff Wilpon let it slip that this whole Glavine indecisiveness bit is just a ruse to cover up Tommy Union's and the Wilpon's agreement to let the Mets option deadline pass before resigning with the Mets under better terms for everyone. I'm inclined to agree with Steve. Tom will get his $14 mil, which the Braves can't match, but the Mets will take a few mil off the 2007 deal and put it in a 2008 buyout. So this way, only say, $10 mil hits teh 2007 budget, and Glavine gets the other 4mil in 2008 even if he retires. The Braves won't touch that kind of offer.

It's Tom Glavine's 62nd birthday today, and Greg at Faith and Fear in Flushing takes the opportunity to compare the Mets Free Agency strategy of today to thirty years ago, when the Mets failure to sign Gary Matthews may have led to the departure of The Franchise.

Metstradamus notices the Mets curious decision to, on the heels of Mota's steroid suspension, sign a guy named Ben Johnson.

Mr. Met from The Metropolitans still isn't sold on Willie Randolphs managerial capabilities.

Toasty Joe interviewed his dog on the latest goings-on in sports.

Mike from Mikes Mets thinks that when all is said and done, the Red Sox - who everyone is killing for throwing all that money at D-Mat, will look like they scored a bargain compared to what someone else will pay Barry Zito.

Mets Guy in Michigan thinks it's great that the Mets will erect a Jackie Robinson statue at Citi Field, but thinks there should be
Tom Seaver, Gil Hodges, Willie Mays, Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez and Mike Piazza statues too.

Dan in Texas at Lonestar Mets thinks something is amiss with this Zito and the Mets situation

Mets Grrl thinks everyone needs to calm down about the Citi Field name and get some perspective. She also is no fan of Bloomberg.

Finally, Zoe from Pick Me Up Some Mets has fun with Photoshop.

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