Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Willie Gets Gypped; Ring and Bell Get Shipped

Willie Randolph got beat out by Joe Girardi for NL Manager Of The Year. I am bit torn on this one. I feel like Willie got snubbed and I don't like a guy currently employed by the Junkees to get any kind of award. I think Willie should get more accolades because hardly anyone in baseball predicted the Mets would take the NL East crown this season (a lot of writers were still picking the Braves!) and the Mets ran away with it.

On the other hand I don't like Jeffery Loria and like that he looks really dumb right now. I am sure Willie will appreciate the contract extension he'll get, as compared to Girardi - who got a pink slip to go along with his trophy.

Omar made a trade today, sending Royce Ring and Heath Bell to San Diego for RHP Jon Adkins and Outfielder Ben Johnson. You know, I think we just replaced Xavier Nady!

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