Sunday, November 12, 2006

Holes Remain in Mets 2007 Schedule

UPDATE: Get the complete schedule here.

A few months back I did my best to deduce the Mets 2007 schedule, based on the announced schedules by the other clubs. Almost every other club besides the Mets and Yankees had announced their scheds. So I went through the schedule again today, and tried to fill in the holes. I've now figured out that the Mets will open in St. Louis on April 2nd, and will get to see the Cardinals raise their 2006 World Series Championship banner. I would be annoyed by this, but it should serve to remind the Mets what the goal this year needs to be.

Another find is a three game visit by the Oakland A's in June.

I've also deduced, based on when the other high-profile rivalry interleague games are, that the Mets and Yankees will play their Subway Series games on the weekends of May 18-21 and June 14-17. Can't tell which one is at Shea and which is in the Bronx though.

That leaves three holes. April 23-26, May 18-21, and Sept 10-13. Two of these series will be played at home against the Padres and the Rockies, both of which have only announced their home schedules so far. The third one remains a mystery, and I can't figure it out! If anyone out there has a clue, clue me in!

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